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Job Posts

All the research activities will be carried out at the University of Genova within a machine learning center across the Mathematics and Computer Science departments. The center counts over 10 faculties and 30 between PhD students + postdocs and provides a lively and dynamic work environment.

We are always looking for talented, motivated researchers. If you are interested into working with us, fill in this form!

  • Scolarship Positions

    MaLGa is currently offering several Scolarship positions.

  • Post-doc Positions

    MaLGa is currently offering 1 Post-doc positions.

About us

MaLGa is an interdipartimental research center of the University of Genoa, between mathematics and computer science, coordinating its activity within a large body of diverse yet connected topics that include Computer vision, Computational Harmonic Analysis, Data Analysis, Statistical Learning.

The confluence point of the center, and in fact its main driving force in terms of human and financial resources, is Machine Learning, but its most distinctive feature consists in the mutual interaction of the broadly diversified research themes and scientific backgrounds. The resulting spectrum of competences, from abstract to applied, is a feature that identifies MaLGa as a bridge between Academia and Industry and thus orients its many educational activities as a combination of scholarly-oriented teaching and professional training.