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Biomedical data analysis

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This has been our main topic of interest since 2005. We successfully applied our techniques in the large-p small-n scenario, which is paradigmatic in biological an medical applications. The vast majority of these projects have been carried out on neurological and immunological diseases.

A brief list of our recently funded projects

  • Genomic signature identification through sparsity enforcing methods (BMB-2020)
  • Deep learning methods applied to MRIs in Amyotrofic Lateral Sclerosis (PRIN-2017)
  • Focal zone prediction in focal epilepsy patients from stereo-EEG (Compagnia di Sanpaolo-2016)
  • Prediction of Multiple Sclerosis progression from PROMs (FISM-2015)

Collaboration with

  • Margherita Squillario - IGG

  • Simona Candiani - UniGe

  • Emanuela Marcenaro - UniGe

  • Francesco Frassoni - IGG

  • Cesare Furlanello

  • Giuseppe Jurman - FBK

  • Giampaolo Brichetto - AISM

  • Gabriele Arnulfo - UniGe

  • Lino Nobili - UniGe

  • Barbara di Camillo - UniPd

  • Adriano Chiò - UniTo